Relax, Enjoy and Be Well.



Rejuvenate and tighten skin by turning back on the collagen production!! Stimulate hair growth, treat acne scars, Stretch marks and Blemishes/Dark spots 

  1. Face: $500

  2. Neck $500

  3. Face & Neck $800

  4. Scalp $800

  5. Back $800

  6. Hands $400


Something own and something borrowed working together for faster and more drastic results 

  1. Face $800

  2. Neck $500

  3. Scalp $ 800

  4. Hands $ 800


Bring on the growth factors and platelets to enhance skin natural healing and youthful appearance

  1. Face: $500

  2. Scalp $500

  3. Neck $500

  4. Hands $500


Reveal the true beauty of the skin deep with in....all peels include free aftercare kit


Sensi peel $95

Find out your level of tolerance while receiving a full evaluation of your skin type and what kind of skin products is good for you.

Peel #1 $120 

Turn on it on! and move to the hot zone, see dead skin flake away.

Peel #2 $120

Keeping up with the heat! See dark spots vanish as the superficial layers of skin peels away.

Peel #3 $120

The challenge is on! See how small wrinkles and imperfections peel away revealing a new fresh skin.

Retinol peel $300

Bring on the big guy! This medical peel deals with severe skin damage, ideal for severe acne, Keratose, Age related changes and much more.

Trio!!! $200

Regenerating and Oxygenating to bring the “Red carpet” glow in a rush!

Detox Gel $150

For deep pores treatment 

All other peels include Hydroquinone, lactic acid, salicylic acid and more $150

Body Peel $120-300
(depending on body surface)

Let’s bring the shine to the rest of you! 

Signature Deep peeling: $600

In a rush to glow!? Combine microdermabrasion, micro needle and chemical peel to reach out the deepest layer of the dermis and produce the fastest and more drastic results ( 1-2 weeks pre and post treatment skin preparation may be needed for individuals prone to dark pigmentation)


IV Vitamins & Minerals

Replenish and recover from chronic fatigue caused by vitamins deficiency, boost your immune system and hydrate with a custom-made cocktail of vitamins and minerals infused directly into your veins.


Pick me up! $250

(500ml of physiologic sodium chloride infused with 2 ml of B complex vitamins, 1000 mcg of vitamin B12, 1000 mg of vitamin C

Hang over? $ 250

Rehydrate with 1000 ml of Dextrose 5% on a physiologic normal saline solution infused with 2 ml of vitamins B complex

I *Ringer solution! 1000 ml $300

Rehydrate and replenish much needed mineral loss due to acute vomiting or diarrhea 



Let the only thing that gives away our age to be our wisdom, not the deep path the years are leaving on our faces...


Juviderm ultra XC and ultra plus XC $ 600/syringe

Fill the gap. For the most stubborn lines...

Juviderm Voluma XC $800/syringe,  

for the desired volume on your cheeks, let us be your Micheal Angelo and sculpt the beautiful face that reside underneath

Juviderm Volbella XC $400/ syringe

KYBELLA! $500/ vial.

Is time to kiss the double chin good bye! 

BOTOX $16/units 

Time to give your face a more relax and refreshed look? 

MICRO BOTOX: $16/units

Close pores and give your skin a more refine look, also give your neck a lift! 


The ultimate make over

“All but the kitchen sink!”

In this 3-4hour spa you will start your treatment with an IV infusion of Vitamins and Minerals, while your own plasma is processed to concentrate platelets, growth factors and other nutrients that will be used to treat the most affected areas on the skin in your face and neck, as well a mixture of pure hyaluronic acid ( Juviderm ) micro needled into the skin of your face and neck to trap water inside the dermis, returning the succulent and plump texture we enjoy feeling, while see the fine wrinkle vanish! Followed by an application of diluted Botox to penetrate the micro channels created with the micro needle pen, this process will close all those enlarged pores, returning the skin the youthful look everyone will notice!!! 

All treatment will include the ABC of skin care by PCA skin (Anti-oxidant C&E, Sun Screen, Eye cream, Retinol cream) and Hyaluronic Acid.

Complimentary fruit salad, dry nuts and herbal tea included. 




Prices will depend on needs
(abdomen, arms, thigh, buttocks, neck)


for that special event.... “WOW” yourself with the results!!! 

Package available
(5 treatment for $1000, save $250!)



Indulge in any of our relaxing facials designed to pamper you while providing your skin nourishment to return vitality 



hydrating Milk Mask, for fatigued looking $150 (hydrate or papaya)


rich in antioxidants for damage skin $150(papaya)


exfoliating for skin discoloration $150(pumpkin)

Clear skin:

clarify with salicylic acid for deep cleaning ideal for acne $150


indulging and invigorating to detoxify and relief stress. $300(detox gel and mask)

Plus oxy-trio


Other Services



Exfoliate and bring shine to your skin 


Revitalize and reveal new and fresh skin


Original products only


gives you the fastest turn around to chronic skin damage 


maintains beautiful skin all year round 


keeps your skin clean and radiant with our pure organic skin line. 


Financing available.